Beautiful cinematic ground and aerial media for Wichita and the surrounding areas.
Adam Dreher of Adler Grey Videography

No, my name is not Adler.  I am Adam Dreher.  The name Adler Grey came from those two cute boys in the picture, Sutton Grey and Ren Adler.  

My wife Gina, that beautiful blonde in the picture, has been doing photography for years (  Since she started I have shot with her, and when you add in my long time love of RC vehicles (drones, airplanes, etc.), doing aerial filming came natural.  I slowly started adding to my skill set with with shooting on the ground as well, and it has just grown from there!

I have been lucky enough to be close to many creative types.  This has driven my desire to learn and create beautiful cinematic footage.  I love to apply that passion to all spectrums of film.  From aerial, weddings, corporate, and even real estate, it can all tell a story.  It can all be simple and beautiful.